Making recruitment and selection even more successful

<strong>bmi</strong><br />Making recruitment and selection even more successful

Client (UK)

At the time we were commissioned to work with them, bmi was the second largest airline at London Heathrow. From this hub they operated services within the UK and to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa; from their Manchester hub they flew to the USA and the Caribbean. Their global reach was further extended by being a member of Star Alliance.


In 2008, bmi received 8,000 CVs, resulting in 1,732 formal applications, from which 176 were rejected. 1,093 applicants were invited for an interview, 534 actually attended. Ultimately, 219 candidates were successful.

bmi contracted us to help them review their cabin crew recruitment processes and training, to ensure they adopted a fair and robust competence based approach to assessing candidate suitability. We developed and refined recruitment training to support their business needs over a five–year period.

What we did

We started by reviewing the cabin crew competencies and identified how these competencies could be measured consistently and accurately. This review evolved into a documented recruitment process, highlighting key competencies, assessment methods and interview formats.

As the training of this recruitment process to cabin crew recruiters was critical, we embarked on designing and delivering an innovative four day workshop which would address all angles of training in the agreed recruitment process.

This interactive workshop addressed assessment techniques, methods, and skills practice along with interview processes and videoed skills practice.
On the third day, participants practiced the skills they acquired on the workshop on a real live Assessment Day.

bmi recruitment

Recruitment is successful with a fall out rate of less than 1% for training


All cabin crew selected to be part of the cabin crew recruitment team experienced the 4 day Assessment and Interviewing Workshop. Recruitment was successful with a fall out rate of less than 1% for training and retention was in line with other long haul carriers. We regularly design and deliver the annual refresher recruitment event where all members of the 45 strong recruitment team meet to learn from past success and to review recent recruitment updates.

“I used Alison to deliver our recruitment development training course and this was a resounding success. We worked very closely together and developed some great material to use on the workshop and annual refresher event. I would recommend Alison to anyone who is embarking on delivering any inspirational, motivational training courses.”

Nickie Aiston, Head of Cabin Crew, Recruitment and Training, bmi