Center Parcs Aqua Sana
Award winning spa – Aqua Sana, delivers excellent service

<strong>Center Parcs Aqua Sana</strong><br>Award winning spa – Aqua Sana, delivers excellent service

Client (UK)

United-KindomCenter Parcs’ award winning spas are the ultimate retreat, with an average of 15 experience rooms, a wide range of treatments to choose from, outdoor pools as well as delicious mediterranean cuisine at their café bars.


Following on from the highly successful “Making Memorable Moments” training programme, Aspiration were asked to help specifically focus on developing service excellence skills for the Aqua Sana Spa brand.

Each Aqua Sana employs 100 team members, including receptionists, beauty therapists, cleaners and catering staff. The opportunity was to encourage everyone to work better together and ultimately deliver excellent service to the approximately 1,200 guests who visit the spas every day.

What we did

The project commenced with the development and documntation of the unique Aqua Sana ‘service journey’. Together with the management team we identified each of the components of the guest experience, recognising the critical areas where a team member interacts with guests and has the opportunity to create a memorable service experience. It was essential to document the service standards expected at each of these ‘touch points’ to ensure consistency in service delivery.

In the next stage of the project we identified the service behaviours expected from team members in each spa department and developed new video scenarios demonstrating the difference between offering ‘average’ service versus ‘exceptional’ service.

Finally, we developed master trainers from within the Aqua Sana team to deliver the bespoke content to their teams. This was a critical feature of the project as it would ensure the programme could be delivered for new team members joining the spa as well as to refresh the teams in the future.

Center Parcs training materials

Examples of the training materials for this project


Aspiration proactively involved and engaged with the Aqua Sana senior management from the beginning to identify ‘typical’ scenarios within their businesses. They identified and described the behaviours observed when delivering ‘average service’ and the behaviours needed by all team members to deliver exceptional service.

This top down approach enabled complete ‘buy in’ to the project and consequently ensured 100% of team members were trained in the one- day highly interactive training module. All four villages returned their highest ever mystery guest scores within 8 weeks of training completion and Aqua Sana was also voted ‘Winner’ of the Good Spa Guide 2010.

“Aspiration were able to draw on their extensive knowledge of the Spa industry and create unsual und engaging training materials which can be utilised for many years to come. Being selected to deliver the training for their colleagues created pride with the in house trainers who in turn helped this project to achieve very positive results in guest satisfaction and post treatment sales.”

Jo O’Neill, UK Training Manager, Center Parcs