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making memorable moments in housekeeping

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Client (UK)

United-KindomCenter Parcs operates five villages in the UK, providing a range of outstanding leisure facilities, set amidst the surrounding forest environment. As the leader in the UK short break holiday market, Center Parcs occupies a unique position enjoying enviable annual occupancy rates in excess of 90%.


Center Parcs has a excellent reputation for the quality of guest service and in 2009 focused on taking service to an even higher level. An ambitious target was set to train 5,000 colleagues across the four villages within a 4-month period.

What we did

After extensive research, we designed a version of Making Memorable Moments bespoke to this team, tailoring the content to the exact nature of their role. Once again, video content was devised that followed the critical points in the Housekeeping Service Journey when the teams interacted and communicated with guests either directly or indirectly.

Master Trainers from within the Housekeeping teams were initially trained to enable them to deliver the interactive sessions at the best times to suit business and operational needs. The selected trainers also became highly skilled to develop new team members on an on-going basis as part of Induction.

The training was delivered over small bite size sessions without disrupting the business and proved to be highly interactive and motivational. Feedback was positive and Housekeeping teams saw the importance of engaging with guests to deliver excellent service.

An example of the training materials

An example of the training materials


Making Memorable Moments within Housekeeping was delivered to 100% of the workforce within 6 weeks. The buzz and excitement this created was phenomenal. Although the teams didn’t originally believe they could impact on the guest experience, the videos helped to turn around even the most sceptical team members.

The guest satisfaction ratings specifically targeted to’ helpfulness of staff’ and ‘villa cleanliness’ rose on all 4 villages and remained consistently high long after the training had been completed. In addition, the free text comments by guests specifically mentioned the unexpected ‘surprise & delights’ they received from this area of the business, which supported the overall scores achieved.

“Once again, Aspiration worked tirelessly to deliver an exceptional project in one of the most challenging areas of the business. The materials produced were world class and exceeded everyone’s expectations – as a result they were incredible value for money as they can be utilised for many years to come.”

Jo O’Neill, Training Manager, Center Parcs