bringing Service Excellence into the heart of a business

<strong>Fusion</strong><br /> bringing Service Excellence into the heart of a business

Client (UK)

Fusion is a highly experienced sports and leisure management organisation working in partnership with local authorities, schools and colleges, and other public sector organisations to provide recreational sport, health and fitness activities to local communities. A registered charity, Fusion annually has in the region of 20 million visits, of which 5 million are by under 16s, 55% by women and over 6 million by concessionary groups.


At the centre of the Fusion’s operating philosophy is the belief that everyone in the community deserves top quality services at affordable prices. When we were commissioned for this project they wanted to have a more consistent Service Excellence programme; they felt they needed to become more service focused to give their customers a better experience, as well as to give them a competitive advantage when tendering for business as an outsourced supplier. Another key take out for them was that everything we developed had to integrate seamlessly into their business by carrying their branding.

What we did

Fusion’s member satisfaction is measured via a written and online scheme called “Tell us what you think” (TUWYT). Using the key performance indicators in TUWYT as a baseline platform we developed two Service Excellence programmes to be delivered across all the regions Fusion operates in: Delivering Service Excellence aimed at all employees and Managing Service Excellence designed for at managers.

At the core of Delivering Service Excellence is the understanding of what it means to be ‘Proud to be Fusion’ and the service behaviours necessary to consistently deliver service excellence and meet customer expectations.

Managing Service Excellence takes managers on a learning journey developed to optimise their people management competencies together with providing them with skills to assess team performance and offer coaching and praise. For both programmes we designed interactive Fusion-branded activities, visuals and games used to support key learning objectives.

Example training materials and activities

Example training materials and activities


When we delivered this programme to Fusion they had approximately 2500 employees and 600 managers in their centres around the country. Managers were trained first in both the programmes in small groups of 12–18 before we moved on to employees.

To ensure the longevity & success of the programmes we worked with Fusion’s trainers to enable them to roll out the training across the business themselves. Further sustainability has been added with Delivering Service Excellence now forming a part of Fusion’s conferences, supported by sustaining service excellence tools that allow employees to reflect on customer expectations and their performance against these.

As a result of these initiatives client satisfaction and membership retention levels have increased and feedback from customers remains consistently positive.

“Thank you so much for all your help pulling together the Delivering Service Excellence and Managing Service Excellence programmes along with the Sustaining Service Excellence launch, materials and the GM Conference workshops. The Service Excellence sessions ran brilliantly and I feel we have created a very special programme. Thank you for your professionalism, enthusiasm, flexibility and support.”

Nikki Baker, Head of HR, Fusion