ISS Facility Services, Denmark
developing inspiring trainers to develop trainers

<strong>ISS Facility Services, Denmark </strong><br />developing inspiring trainers to develop trainers

Client (Denmark)

ISS is a leading provider of facility services with market presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and North America, employing more than 500,000 people worldwide. ISS main business areas include cleaning services, support services, property services, catering services, security services and facility management services.


To meet such a broad range of business needs, ISS have built a team of people who share a dedication to impeccable customer care, a flexible approach and a belief in teamwork. To support this, ISS Denmark recognised the need to implement a measurable training quality standard which would result in improved and consistent training delivery across ISS Denmark. Aspiration were asked to develop a Group Training Skills programme that would address the needs of the Danish workforce, align with other training offers and improve consistency in delivery of service promises and operational standards.

What we did

Our involvement started with researching current training approaches. The findings enabled us to take a leading role in recommending, creating and customising the content and roll out strategy of the proposed programme ISS Træner, whilst taking into account existing trainer training within ISS Denmark. ISS Træner is now one of the key trainer development programmes on offer along with ISS Instruktor (on job training skills) and ISS Mentor (mentoring and coaching skills).

After developing this innovative and interactive trainer programme, we conducted a pilot workshop to evaluate how the target audience would respond to the new training. Fine-tuning of the content, workbook, leader’s guide, PowerPoint slides and support materials was completed before launching to further groups of operational trainers.

During the interactive and practically focused training, each participant develops and delivers two group training sessions of up to 30 minutes followed by structured feedback. Participants are measured against previously agreed criteria to ensure they meet the ISS Træner standard.

An example of the training materials for this project

An example of the training materials for this project


Master Trainers and Group Training Skills Trainers in ISS Denmark have now trained key managers across their varied business units to apply the same training structure. This has supported their goal of having qualified trainers able to develop and deliver training, resulting in an enhanced learning experience for participants and improved and consistent delivery of service promises.

“I just finished launching the ISS Træner workshop for ISS Facility Services – a programme that Aspiration developed and trained. It was a great experience working with Alison again, she is creative and deeply professional and the quality of work is outstanding. It has been an inspiration to work with Aspiration and I am sure the programme will have a great impact on our business.”

Christian Lauritzen, Head of HR Development,ISS Facility Services, Denmark