MSpa International
creating an effective guest service journey

<strong>MSpa International </strong><br />creating an effective guest service journey

Client (Thailand)

MSpa International Limited is an international, multi brand spa operator in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Current brands include Anantara Spa and Mandara Spa as well as individually tailored spas. With a collection of more than 35 spas worldwide, MSpa takes advantage of the strong demand for well–managed and comprehensive spa facilities within hotels and resorts.


Following an internal review of its service standards, MSpa decided to implement a more structured Guest Service Journey in all its spas. It was important to ensure a consistent guest experience across all units, with training, measurement and follow up being implemented locally. MSpa commissioned us to develop a structured, easy-to-implement Guest Service Journey with supporting training materials to train all spa trainers and spa managers.

What we did

After brainstorming with all Thailand-based spa managers, we agreed that the new MSpa Guest Service Journey would consist of six key components. Each component was developed into a one hour training module to be delivered by a spa-based trainer or the spa manager. To minimise disruption to the business and maximum application of the learning, the training of the six modules would be spread over a six–week period. A bespoke Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint slides printed on a special A3 flip folder and participants’ workbook were produced in full colour to support the training. All materials were produced in English and then translated into Thai and Mandarin.

Following pilot workshops in two units, we amended the materials and the training was ready to be implemented via 14 spa managers who were trained as trainers in a four–day certification workshop.

Regardless of job role everyone attended the same Guest Service Journey programme, encouraging co–operation and teamwork. Therapists and receptionists found this particularly beneficial as they learnt about their colleagues’ role in delivering great service.

16 Spa Managers and Trainers were developed initially to implement MSpa’s new Guest Service Journey

16 Spa Managers and Trainers were developed initially to implement MSpa’s new Guest Service Journey


Initially, all spa teams in Thailand were successfully trained in the new MSpa Guest Service Journey and later all employees in the international units. As the training was spread over six weeks, participants were able to apply their learning immediately. We measured the application of their learning through an internal review and coaching system. Guest satisfaction ratings scored consistently higher in all units that implemented the new Guest Service Journey.

“I am very pleased with the work done by Dieter and Alison to create a strong guest service journey for MSpa. The new guest Service Journey not only increases our overall guest satisfaction but also increased the job satisfaction of our associates. As a rapidly expanding spa operator, a consistent guest experience is critical to our success.”

Steve Conquy, COO MSpa International