Spa Vilnius
creating academy-standard spa trainer certification training

<strong>Spa Vilnius </strong><br />creating academy-standard spa trainer certification training

Client (Lithuania)

LithuaniaThe SPA Vilnius Group formed in 2004 to become the first modern spa operator in Lithuania. Today it operates 3 spas and employs more than 300 people.


The SPA Vilnius Academy was launched in 2009 with a remit to deliver continuous improvements to staff professionalism and customer loyalty while at the same time reducing training costs. Producing well-trained employees was critical to the success of Spa Vilnius.

We were invited to develop and deliver a spa-specific Train the Trainer programme to equip the academy with high-quality trainers to train the group’s workforce.

What we did

We designed and delivered an interactive and innovative five-day Spa Trainer programme for 12 participants, providing a comprehensive service from conception to design and delivery of the programme.

Having taken a lead role in creating the content, we designed the programme’s structure with clear and measurable objectives and also produced detailed training materials, including the workbook, leader’s guide, PowerPoint slides and all visual support. All of the materials were translated into Lithuanian and the programme was delivered in Lithuanian by two trainers and two translators.

The interactive and practically focused training was delivered to a combination of therapists, beauticians, spa managers and an HR manager, all of whom had limited training experience. Each participant developed their own spa-focused training sessions then delivered two group training sessions of up to 30 minutes followed by structured feedback. Participants were measured against previously agreed criteria to ensure they met the standard required of a Spa Vilnius trainer.

The course was intense, with numerous practical exercises and homework, and 50% of the participants did not speak English. Despite these challenges, our client confidently confirmed that it was one of the most successful and enjoyable training programmes undertaken within the company over the last three years.


12 trainers were developed to become certified SpaTRAINERS™


The trainers developed significant levels of confidence and a passion for training. The Spa Trainer programme was delivered at the end of October 2010 and as a result 23 new recruits went through the first six-week academy training in the following March and April.

Our flexible, thorough and expert approach made the speedy development and delivery of the workshop possible, resulting in immediate success and a positive impact on the business.

“There were three key qualities which differentiated Aspiration from other service providers:

  1. They were flexible in terms of adjusting the pace and content of the training depending on the group’s and clients’ real needs;
  2. They finished every session by making 100% sure, that participants got the message;
  3. They were very down-to-earth and easy to communicate with. Nonetheless, Alison’s and Dieter’s practical experience in hospitality and the wellness industry made the training even more valuable.”

Lukas Mackevicius, HR & Quality Director, SPA Vilnius Group