people development

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Well-trained, happy people who understand the business they work in are the best asset a company can have; even more so when they can see a future for themselves within it.

Our practical and experiential management-development initiatives help you to recruit, grow and retain an inspired workforce.

We are specialists in developing competency-based recruitment and selection processes. The structured and practical tools we use support you to attract and employ the best people for your business.

Our solutions

Competency frameworks

We work with you to design, develop and implement a measurable competency framework tailored to your needs and reflecting the standards for your industry. This tool places you in a better position to recruit the best people, and to review and reward individual capability.

Psychometric testing

We offer a range of psychometric testing and profiling services that both support your recruitment and selection process, and our learning and development programmes. 16PF, OPQ, MBTI and DISC are several of the systems we use, covering behavioural as well as personality characteristics.

We develop managers to deliver the results needed today while enabling them to think strategically about the future.

Our solutions

Competency frameworks

We work with you to design, develop and implement a measurable competency framework tailored to your needs and reflecting the standards for your industry. This tool places you in a better position to appraise and reward individual capability, and to motivate improvement and growth.

Bespoke training programmes

We assess the needs of your supervisors and managers to develop targeted, tailored learning to suit your business objectives and succession planning. The delivery is adapted to optimise learning and minimise time away from the business.

We offer a range of coaching programmes that inspire managers at all levels to up-skill and gain additional perspectives to align their behaviour with your company’s goals and values. We agree the coaching framework and timescales from the outset, making it easy for the individual and your organisation to gauge the success of their programmes.

Our solutions

Executive and leadership coaching

We provide an individualised, confidential service for senior managers up to and including Directors, MDs and CEOs. It is completely impartial, practical and gives the client the opportunity to focus on their key concerns within the context of the organisations’ strategies and vision.

Cross cultural coaching

We believe cross-cultural challenges can exist within our teams, departments and organisations irrespective of the nationality of the people involved. We work in partnership with you to create bespoke coaching initiatives to energise, challenge and focus your teams. This helps them communicate with greater clarity, better understand your business and breakdown barriers and stereotypes.

Solution-focused team coaching

We develop tailored coaching strategies to enable teams to resolve issues and move forward. These include understanding the need for empathy, active listening, assertiveness and clear communication. We help you to create a common operating style for understanding roles and responsibilities, we identify and implement corporate road-maps and enable the sharing of best practice and learning. This process also helps position colleagues as business partners.

We design our ‘train the trainer’ programmes to equip your trainers with the motivation and skills to train your own staff effectively in a very practical, experiential and inspiring way. These accredited initiatives are tailored to suit your needs, optimising outcomes and your investment.

Our solutions

On-job training skills

We appreciate that not all training can be facilitated away from the workplace. We structure this skills-based training to enable participants to carry out effective ‘on the job’ training in their workplace, minimising time away from work.

Group training skills

We acknowledge that not every manager has the skill or confidence to deliver group training. We tailor this programme to empower participants to design and deliver interactive training sessions to small and medium-sized groups with confidence and credibility.

Presentation skills

We realise most supervisors and managers need to speak to small or large groups at some point in their career. This programme focuses on helping participants overcome nerves, confidently deliver a well-structured presentation and improve credibility in the eyes of their audience.

Managing learning

We acknowledge that in some organisations individuals are required to manage as opposed to deliver training programmes. This bespoke solution embraces needs analysis, development of training plans, evaluation of learning outcomes and ways to optimise a training budget.

We recognise that responsible business and corporate social responsibility are essential components of a 21st century business. We know many organisations have excellent strategies in both these areas. We help you ensure your workforce is aware of your policies, ensuring company-wide understanding and achievement of objectives.

Our solution


We design bespoke or tailored programmes to enable you to embed relevant information and inspire action throughout your teams, cascading out from management to frontline staff. No matter where you are on your responsible business journey, we support your leaders to champion and implement your policies creating a positive, measurable impact on your triple bottom line.