service excellence


Service excellence is an essential benchmark for success.

Companies with service training in the foundation of their learning and development strategies will have a competitive advantage.

Our team works with you to develop inspiring, sustainable initiatives with measurable and dependable outcomes to support your business at every stage of service delivery, from development to roll out.

Your executives are busy people with a wealth of knowledge about the business they work in.

Our collaboration ensures their perspectives and opinions, as well as those of all key stakeholders, are captured enabling us to guide them to develop a winning service strategy.

Our solutions

Research and analysis

We research all relevant perspectives and opinions using a range of approaches to define, or strengthen, your service vision and values. This can include bespoke surveys, analysis of existing standards, focus groups, workshops and interviews with customers, employees and managers.

Strategy development

We present the conclusions and recommendations from our research and agree the behaviours that best reflect your service vision and values. These form the basis of an engaging and outstanding service strategy.

We are specialists in developing values-driven service experiences. Our structured yet creative approach helps your departmental teams define, document and deliver a memorable service journey to put your business ahead of its field.

Our solutions

We research your business, marketplace, customers and competitors to define a winning customer experience reflecting your business’s vision and values whilst meeting the demands of your customers. Easy-to-understand operational service standards created to fit your business ensure consistent delivery of service excellence.

Development of standards and manuals

Documented service standards are the foundation of consistent service excellence. You can use our functional, easy-to-access manuals for daily reference or as the basis for training or coaching.

Training and inspiring excellence

We design bespoke or tailored programmes to enable you to inspire and embed a culture of service excellence, cascading out from management to frontline staff. No matter where your teams are in the world, we train and support your trainers to champion and implement your service standards creating a consistent, measurable impact.

We help you ensure your workforce understands and believes in your service excellence strategy by developing training that has clear objectives and relevant content.

This assures company-wide understanding and sustainable achievement of measurable objectives.

Our solutions

Programme development

We design your customer service training programme based on the values and behaviours embedded in your service experience. We consider the demands of your business to ensure the material we develop is suitable for roll out across all your operations, no matter where they are in the world.

Trainer training

We design our service excellence ‘train the trainer’ programmes to equip your trainers with the motivation and skills to train your own staff effectively in a practical, engaging and inspiring way. These internally-accredited initiatives are tailored to suit your needs, optimising outcomes and your investment.

Creative support material

We specialise in developing novel yet relevant support materials. These range from unique jigsaws and puzzles to reiterate a single service standard to the development of high-quality visual aids such as videos to reinforce your entire service journey. This approach ensures all types of learners connect with the training providing optimal opportunity for consistent service delivery.