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Our experienced team of partners will research your environment to develop the best strategy to design and deliver innovative service and training initiatives in your organisation. And we stay with you long after the event to ensure that the learning is firmly embedded in your organisation.

Alison Snelling

I do what I love, and love what I do! My passion is to empower people to achieve their true potential and I enjoy supporting individuals and organisations who want to make a difference to their personal and company performance. My particular strengths lie in designing and delivering interactive and innovative employee, trainer and management development programmes that inspire people to learn and grow.

After many rewarding years in operational roles in the hospitality industry, I have developed extensive business experience and a track record of working as a successful learning and development consultant providing customised solutions to businesses internationally. To support my work experience I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and am an experienced coach qualified in utilising psychometrics in assessment and development settings. I am also an NLP practitioner. I am positive, motivated and creative, and firmly believe that high quality, engaging training programmes raise standards across the board in business and make for happy, committed employees and customers. I enjoy working with our clients to develop solutions that empower their teams to become ambassadors for their business who really “walk the talk”. I also believe that life is not all about work! As a qualified Wellness Coach I have experienced first hand the benefits of a healthy work/life balance. In my spare time I love to sail, cycle and swim, and I dedicate a good number of days every year fundraising for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.


Candy Gerrard

I believe in giving my all to everything I do and everything I am involved in. My key areas of expertise are service excellence and empowering teams. I get immense satisfaction from developing and delivering workshops that inspire participants to improve, motivate them to continually do better and consistently improve customer experiences.

I believe in creating a relaxed yet challenging training environment where participants feel both at ease but also stretched. My training style creates plenty of opportunities for discussion, interaction and accelerated learning. I am an accredited SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) facilitator. In a nutshell it means I work with people to help them understand their own motivation and that of others. This in turn helps teams work better and more effectively together. I truly enjoy what I do professionally, however life is not all about work! I love spending time with my family, going to the gym regularly and I am currently learning Spanish so I can communicate more easily with my neighbours and friends when my family and I are in Spain.


Jacqueline Le Sueur

I believe in alchemy! Because, for me, that is what L&D is all about… inspiring and guiding others to realise their potential, creating endless opportunities for themselves and all those they interact with. I am fortunate to have lived and worked in Asia and Africa for over two decades. I am comfortable working with diverse nationalities, in a broad range of cultures & with people whose languages I do not speak; I am equally at home in Europe.

As much as I love delivering training, over the years I have come to specialise in the design and development of interactive and highly engaging solutions with global application. I thrive on being ‘parachuted’ into different scenarios and environments, dealing with a wide variety of businesses along the way: brainstorming, collaborating, thinking way outside the box to find solutions that work for all stakeholders.No matter how great programmes are and the intellectual commitment of an organisation to L&D, I believe it is engagement by leaders with their teams, with teams with their leaders and with every person in the organisational family with each other that provides the platform for each individual and thus the company to deliver their highest potential. As a qualified Emergenetics practitioner I use this innovative, science-based tool as a coaching platform to facilitate this, in addition to the programmes I develop.

Outside of work I enjoy volunteering. Over the years have I co-founded an association in Asia that supported the professional development of approximately 250,000 employees in the spa industry. I have also published 28 walks for the National Trust and over 60 articles and essays in the international media.

When I’m not at my desk you you’ll find me working in my garden, walking over hill and dale, clambering to the summits of volcanoes, free-falling out of planes or sea kayaking in choppy waters. You may also find me simply sitting and observing life.


Dieter Buchner

Positive thinking underpins my life! I firmly believe we all have greater potential than we realise. This goes for companies, too. Using my skills and experience I thoroughly enjoy working with our clients and their teams to develop innovative learning solutions that unlock and optimise opportunities for professional, personal and corporate growth.

I am fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in learning and development in the hospitality industry with leading global organisations such as Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt International and Rezidor SAS. As my career grew my roles took me to several countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia providing me with the opportunity to travel, and to work and live in multi-cultural, multilingual environments. I am also a certified Professional Behavioural Analyst and have been involved in coaching for over a decade. I find it so rewarding working with people as they create ‘wellbeing through change’ by making significant personal changes to their behavior and lifestyle. My key strengths are my positivity and my willingness to listen and empathise. My experience over the years has given me the ability to create new ways to view possibilities and give feedback in a highly productive way. I have no doubt that a healthy way of life is the foundation for success and happiness in all areas of our lives. I love experimenting with growing and preparing healthy food, hiking, and traveling. I recently qualified as a Fasting Coach so I can share with others the benefits of fasting whilst exploring the great outdoors.